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Service Updates

Thank you for joining <Armored Saint>!!!

Below is some basic information about the guild.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at address below.

Rank Structure

Man At Arms

Primary responsibility is to problem solve if the GM is unavailable. Players are encouraged to resolve their own differences but if unable the GM or the Man at Arms will help resolve any issues that lower the quality of play within the guild.

The Man at Arm’s word is as solid as the GM’s. An appeal can be made regarding the Man at Arm’s decision but it is highly unlikely that any decision the Man at Arms makes will be rescinded.


Ensures that all players have any gear available to them from the bank. The QM will also take donations and help manage crafted items and crafting materials in the bank. Depending on your rank within the guild everyone has some kind of access to the bank. If you need more items from the bank ask the QM and most requests will be filled.

Please do not take items from the bank to sell at auction, disenchanting or for vending. Someone may always be able to use a rare or uncommon item. If you have been with the guild for your early leveling we will provide the funds for a mount and training at level twenty.


Highest level of officer in the guild just below the Man at Arms and QM. Crusaders may promote up to the rank of Knight. These players are either experienced high level (forty and above) players or players who have demonstrated a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that exemplifies an Armored Saint. Crusaders may withdraw from the bank up to three stacks of items per tab per day. They also have access to three gold per day for repairs. Please note that being a level forty in and of itself does not qualify you for the rank of crusader.



The backbone of the lower levels. New members to the guild that have graduated past the Squire rank. Players who require a lot of assistance and guidance are usually in this rank. It is highly encouraged that Knights group together and quest to a common end. Knights have to them available up to two stacks per tab per day for personal use from the bank. They may also take from the bank up to two gold per day for repairs.



Squires are new to the guild and have the least privileges. In order to rise above this rank, one must be involved in the guild either through actions that promote the guild’s success such as helping other’s with quests, inviting productive players or something as simple as being involved in guild chat.




Plebeians have no privileges whatsoever. They are not even allowed in guild chat. This rank is for new players or players who are subject to temporary punitive action.

The only person that may remove a player from the guild is the GM.

Everyone is asked to list their professions and preference of role within the guild (DPS, healer or tank)

and to list any alts if so desired.



Guild chat is meant to be a way to foster friendship and camaraderie. Behaviors intended to cause discomfort to another player will not be tolerated and will be dealt with appropriately.

GM can be contacted directly at

And most importantly, have FUN!

Other Guild News

Guildmates encouraged to submit screenshots for guild gallery.

ArmoredSaintFTW, Jan 21, 10 12:09 PM.

All guildmates are encouraged to sumbit screenshots of ingame adventures.  Please email your submissions to


Guild ranking structured; top two positions taken by new player and seasoned player.

ArmoredSaintFTW, Jan 21, 10 11:41 AM.

Guild ranks were defined and applied by the GM.  Top two positions of Man at Arms and Quartermaster are to be administered by Trit, draenei shaman and Molatholgin, dwarf hunter.

So far there are 33 members on the roster with some alts but there are approximately two dozen active players. 

All members are encouraged to recruit into the ranks as the guild's benefits and priveliges will increase as a result.


Guild Created

ArmoredSaintFTW, Jan 21, 10 11:39 AM.

<Armored Saint> charter registered January 18 2010.  Thank you to all who signed!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

ArmoredSaintFTW, Jan 20, 10 5:46 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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